4 Benefits of Buying a Used Car

PRICE - Down Payment start at $999

Used cars are always cheaper than new cars; time and previous ownership has lowered the value of a used car even if it’s in like-new condition, and you can save a great deal of money just buy purchasing your dream car in used condition.
All cars — used and new — lose value as they’re driven and used. But the steepest decline in a car’s value is seen in new cars, specifically within their first one to three years of purchase. This concept can be applied to pretty much any product; if you buy a television, a kitchen appliance, or a piece of furniture, it’ll be hard for you to get what you originally paid for it when trying to re-sell the item simply because it’s considered “used” from the time of purchase.
Some new cars lose 40% of their value in just the first year after purchase, so another pro of buying a used car would absolutely be that the used vehicle has already undergone that initial depreciation.
Used cars are typically cheaper to insure than more expensive cars, making purchasing a used car even more of an intelligent and frugal decision on your part.

New cars are often targets for thieves and burglars, while an advantage of having a used car is that it looks more inconspicuous and less tempting to potential criminals on the street. It’s easy to get wrapped up obsessing over trying to keep your new vehicle spot-free and brand new, but a used car is a little more comfortable and won’t stress you out as much.

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